CIO Associate

CIO associates are individuals or companies working to promote CIO through maximum schools. An associate is flag bearer appointed by Proactive to reach out to maximum students by visiting schools in a specific geography.

To register as a CIO associate,

Step 1

Fill up online Associate Registration Form

Step 2

Download the physical Associate Verification Form

  • Fill up the Physical Registration form and attach the required documents
  • Send the duly filled Form to Proactive head office for validation and approval

Role of CIO Associate

Once approved by Proactive, the associate gets support material and orientation to approach schools. After due registration and training, an Associate;

  • Declares the target including proposed geographical region, number of schools to visit and proposed number of students expected
  • Visits schools and discusses CIO with school management / principal
  • Completes School Registration process by getting school registration form filled
  • Announces CIO activity within classes in association with School authorities
  • Collects Student Registration Slips through School authorities
  • Assists School authorities to organize CIO Fees Payment as per guidelines
  • Coordinate with Proactive H.O. and respective school to organize school championship
  • Ensures timely delivery of Student certificates and Medals to Schools
  • Maintains cordial relationship with Schools for future

Guidelines for CIO Associate


Benefits For School

  • Enhancement in co-curricular activities
  • Better Academic Performance
  • Popularity among Students & Parents
  • Advantage over competition
  • Goodwill, Respect & More Admissions
  • Advantage during School Accreditation process

Benefits For Students

  • Improved Knowledge & Self-Confidence
  • Performance Analysis to improve IT skills
  • Pride of additional Certificates and rewards
  • Motivation to achieve more in life
  • Improved Competitive Skills for Professional Success
  • Self-confidence & Increased Social Awareness

Benefits For Parents

  • Unbiased authentic third party evaluation of child’s IT knowledge
  • Professional advice helps in Child’s Future Planning
  • Delight of seeing the ward become Self Confident & Motivated
  • Satisfaction of sending the ward to a Dynamic School